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This is so true. =P You are so right, my beloved Wanggo =P

Wanggo Online

I really would love to begin this post by asking how any artist who communicates love and acceptance of all people regardless of who they are to be in any way immoral or satanic? How does an artist who tells people to be who they are, to not justify themselves to the harsh world and to fight for their freedom be, in any way, evil? I feel so frustrated of all these close-minded Christian groups who came rallying and protesting against the concert, calling her immoral and satanic.

Okay, fine, so she can be lewd and she drops the F-bomb a lot. But who cares? That’s her approach. I was never one to shy away from a strong personality. I curse a lot and I am not at all offended by lewdness. I would like to think I have a more mature understanding of sex. I don’t think, at all…

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I will join this!


Submissions are now open for the Fragments issue, with a deadline of just one month from now: June 20, the solstice. The issue editors are Olivia Dresher and Catherine Ednie. All submissions must be sent through our submissions manager.

Theme description

The theme for this issue is fragments: writing “in the wild.” Overly crafted pieces can feel less honest, less real, even boring… whereas fragments are illuminations, a flash of lightning, a light turned on for just a second. Shards, torn pages, unstrung beads, homeless paragraphs, scraps, brevities, miniatures… brief excerpts from notebooks… writings that may be aphoristic or simply wordplay, meditative or emotionally raw… unpredictable, probing, urgent, spontaneous. We love writing that contains an element of surprise, reflecting a commitment to fragments as a literary genre.

Send us your pieces that stand alone or consist of a series of short fragments. Optionally, we’d also like to…

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I always love anything Celtic or Irish. I am so attracted to their culture because it seems so bloody and violent, and yet so relentlessly beautiful all at the same time. My first exposure to Celtic culture in novels is from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Aside from that, I have read a lot about Celts, especially the ancient pagan human sacrificing Celts. I had a book all about them in French. The Irish Gaelic language is also very wonderful for me that I even bought a dictionary and a grammar book to study this very mysterious and difficult language sung by my beloved Enya.

So in short, I am an absolute Celtophile. So I expected a lot from a book called Celtic Storms which I saw as an ebook. Without caring much about reading the summary, I downloaded it since I had a feeling that this would be good because of the word Celtic in the title.

I was not disappointed. It is really really really good! It is actually like a family saga, about two clans joining together as one through the marriage of some important members. Although this is not about the pagan Celts I would have preferred, I still found this very interesting because I learned a lot from reading this book. This is set sometime in the earlier centuries, when Christianity was still somehow new to the Celtic setting and there was still magic and mysterious rituals mixing with the popular religion. This was the time when there were still family feuds and feudalism was still practiced. This was the time when the rich lived in castles, but not as far as when Arthur lived.

In short, it was like a fairy tale, but with a modern way of telling it. No non-sense at all. The novel is well-crafted. I cannot put it down. Well, because I am a human being, I still have to sleep but I look forward the next day to read it again. The descriptions are vivid and the story flows well. There are a lot of characters but their names are really beautiful so it is easy to follow their plot lines and their roles in the whole novel.

I do not want to spoil anything so I just advise you to get a copy of this book and read it for yourself. if you like romance, read it. If you like historical fiction, read it. If you like a wonderful novel to spend some time with, this is it. You would definitely discover a lot of precious gems in this treasure chest of a novel. And you know me, if I review a book, I am passionate about it especially if it is worth writing a long review such as this. I really believed that this novel is great and I cannot wait for more of this! Congratulations to the author!

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I am not really a fan of political thrillers or suspense novels, especially espionage ones. I can name a few that i really like, but then, I do not look for books in this genre. But being an open-minded reader, I was intrigued with the plot of Trading Secrets. First thing that actually attracted me is the name of the author, Tadeusz Sas, which sounded so foreign and cool. Yes, call me shallow but author names in their native languages and with very unique and magical-sounding spellings in appealing to me as a pretty book cover. So without further ado, I got the book and started reading this with high expectations…

Which were all met by the way. And even set my expectations beyond what I would expect from a suspense/thriller novel. This is really good. Reading this book is like watching a movie unfolding before your eyes. The author described scenes in great detail and aside from that, I learned a lot about espionage, politics, spies, warfare, technological advancements and other related things throughout the whole narrative. I like learning new stuff and since this is about a triple agent and a clandestine society, it really made me happy to discover such a gem. Plus, I love anything Russian-related and the main character, Mishka, a son of the czar’s brother, is one of those characters that you would not forget.

This novel really has the makings of a good book. And possibly a movie. The author surely knows what he is writing about and the disclaimer about this novel being based on real events and information with some names changed really adds up to the mystery and excitement. It kinda makes you feel intrigued and wondering if everything is true or just a figment of the author’s wild but amazing imagination. Suspense/thrillers should definitely be written in a way that readers would think the book is very credible, believable and also possible.

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My first try with some of my books =P

Here is the transcription:


South of the border, west of the sun
I have the right to destroy myself:

A maggot eyes the pink morgue
Where or when a sentimental education
Dreams of my russian summers.

They whisper
The unbearable lightness of being.

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I feel the same thing with this blog entry!

Indie Book Collective

By Tanya Cantois

Before I became a published author, I was a blogger and a book reviewer. Both of these activities have helped me to see books in a new light. Instead of just saying that I liked a book, or that I enjoyed the read, I managed to delve further. I explained why and what made it an enjoyable or less than enjoyable read. I began paying attention to things like the author’s voice and writing style, characterization, and whether or not the storyline had an even flow to it.

My vocabulary expanded quite a lot and things that I didn’t have a complete understanding of suddenly made perfect sense. Writing book reviews also gave me insight as to what trends are popular in writing at the moment, which gave me many ideas for potential books. I have utilized various websites that are all about mythical beings as well…

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