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Sibling Rivalry Press

By Jane Cassady:

Taurus (April 19-May 18): Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places—people you may have underestimated, recurring fortune cookie slips, episodes of sitcoms. Go ahead and let it all help you, it’s okay.

Gemini (May 19-June 21): When you are Sally Draper, you’ll accept advice from just about anyone, even your creepy pill-popping step-grandmother. Lucky for you, you are not Sally Draper. Feel free to rely only on reliable voices.

Cancer (June 22-July 23): “I don’t know why/ there is an ocean/ in my chest or how/ I am supposed to/ carry it/ without spilling it out/ all over the place.” (Daniel McGinn) Dear friend, I think there’s some advice here about tides. 

Leo (July 24- Aug. 23): When you are owed an apology, learn not to comfort the apologizer. Likewise, learn to accept (not argue with) compliments. There’s nothing you need to do to…

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i am so loving this poem


you walked in the door   i sharpened all my pencils.  

i wrote this grocery list  with you in mind —

peanut butter eggs bacon mustard brown rice.

i’ve been training  to be your lover since the first grade.

i make the best trades. you will never go hungry. i can turn lunchables ham into pudding cups for weeks.

i would throw a dodgeball at anyone who stole your bicycle.

i changed our entries on ancestry.com  so now we are fraternal twins separated at birth.

you can stay the night in my tree house after giving your verbal consent – a simple YES will suffice.

there are so many songs  i wish i’d written 

and when we’re old in a cave and lighting fires in our slippers,

i’ll write them for the first time and play you a…

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From my lover:

Hi there! My excerpt from my upcoming book Sarsenet Sarcophagus has been accepted here in this site – The Strange Things
A collaborative collection of short stories, poems, photographs, videos, etc. — all of which are a little odd. “But perhaps there is something else as well, something nebulous, gauze-like, through which everything one sees in a dream seems, paradoxically, much clearer.”
– W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn


Here is a short excerpt:


When you lie there,
Bend down, don’t turn around –
Be my own love-ground.
The sands will never
Push you down, dear sardonyx.
For I shall always be the sun
That shall make all
Those little white flowers blossom.
The mosses may come soon.
They shall cover you like sarsenet
With the balm of the chrysanthemums,
And make you whiter than the bones
You will become too.
The nights fill with your perfume.

stay close

Stay close, dazed eyes but mouth
Pursed open with no sound –
Breathe like a stray cloud
If yours could still be called breathing.
The ashes are following you,
Or are they finally freeing you?
And the smoke of this pyre shall melt
The traces of the earth from your skin.
Stay close when your bones
Let your marrows out to gleam.
Things are not always what they seem.


My little mayfly,
The breeze has caught you
And brought you again to me:
Today, I met you and now I have fallen.
I desire to be borne by
Your pellucid wings, penetrated to the deep
With your sting.
For so long, I came and waited.
But why? Why do I always
Feel less love, but more of the pain?
I crush you and now, my love
You are just one red stain.

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What I have to say about this book is that it has a huge mistake! Why so? Just read my review =P


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What I have to say about this book is that it has a huge mistake! Why so? Just read my review =P


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this is useful even for those who want to submit to other publishers

Jeffrey Levine

The doorkeeper’s feet are seven armlengths long

five oxhides for his sandals

ten shoemakers worked on them

–Fragment of Sappho (110) translated by Anne Carson (If Not, Winter, Knopf, NY 2002)

Why are these lines, fragments of lines—all that remain legible on a papyrus, a song of Sappho—sitting here atop this short piece on what happens to the (contest) manuscripts submitted to Tupelo Press?

Those three truncated lines of Sappho become indelible in a single reading. They offer up a certain transparency (piercing), a certain reverberation (overtones, echoes, resonance), a certain immediate apprehending of what, for want of a better, more specific word, let’s call “beauty.” These fragments—a lyric—not only suggest, but also handle so authoritatively what Gregory Orr in his brilliant book Poetry As Survival calls “the flux and chaos of feeling.” (U. Georgia Press, 2002).  [Handle: grasp, seize, touch, carry, manage, deal with, be responsible for, manipulate, control.]

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Hi people. A poem of my lover and favorite poet got accepted into this international poetry site which features poems from all over the world translated into English and French primarily.

This is the link: http://poesiedumonde.com/julleamore/

Please take time to explore the site too. 

Here is his poems for your enjoyment. 


Gio laïan ve, sanso venzo na car so

Ïeldi ne bards na sìnà ne pire ve

Thìeni ve narterse sa ne del rena

Te dammi flore na voced fonne

Plesi ne faume pala sa ve blankë

Aïmi qui luhens taghein fon fìrlien

Di marai dicar so thalis ma elmi

Di marai quel vereza nil ja te sen

Ma an angie à sante, nia nar darà ï

Rei car sola sanso, rei na ja si mivaldi


Last Embrace

Before I let you go, how I wish that I can

Wrap my arms that will miss you around you

Press you closer to me than ever

And feel (the) heart that once beats for me

Put my head on your shoulders

Shed these tears (that) I’ve kept for so long

Of times I can’t help but remember

Of times when you and I are still together.

But a foolish wish, what more will it do

Now I can only wish, now that you’re gone

Fonan Fordren (an Aragiellan poem)

Fonan Fordren

Aïmon, dìnaser quilla nìflorë

Te sfora an jure à te an amear

Fe asima vie, dìcreder dajonde

Fe tesset ame, gio ï si berner

Dìmidda thëo sa essë di antean

Na salmen elseras entendë

Didammëa thëo nìcams ilan

Al perinnoda na voces nìflorë

Than rosen na dìna henseter

Mihimo covennì di giennele

Gio an sorrel, an cisone

An amore o an fuise


For/To a Stranger

Lament, our hearts will never meet

And (will) share a true and one pure love

Life was cruel, the world did not believe

And ceased love, before it sprung

Never will we see in each other’s eyes

(That) Reflected the souls of lovers

Never will we feel beneath our hands

The same rhythm our hearts beat

Like a rose that never bloomed

Our chance was blown by the wind

Before a single smile, a single touch

A single embrace or a single kiss

Marvin Enore is a poet, an artist and a writer residing in the Philippines. He is also a great lover of languages and can also speak, read, write and understand French in a somewhat beyond basic level. He is also the only known active translator of some extinct languages including Ardiyela and its dialect Argiellan, which were ancient languages of the Asuanna, a mystical and mysterious race which once inhabited the Philippines but have been wiped out by other races and tribes due to clandestine reasons. Unfortunately, these languages are only spoken by some members of the Ereon clan, where Marvin Enore belongs, and the languages are terribly dying. One reason is the clan too secretive of using it and teaching others to do so. This is the first time these languages have appeared again in any form in the modern times, for all other works or artifacts related to the Asuanna and their languages are kept by the Ereon clan protectively. For more questions, please contact one of the more famous members of the clan, the writer r.a. sputnikoi:http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/…

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